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How To Make A Coin, 1 Troy Ounce Copper Lucky Clover (Seamair T-ádh)

06th April 2010
I have been absent from blogging for a while (I’ve been a busy beaver) so I have decided to come back with a bang and take on one of my biggest projects to date.
I will make (not personally) and design (personally) my own coin which I will then sell on eBay to those that are interested, before I get down to the details I will explain my reasons behind this endeavor and how it came to this conclusion, it all started a long long time ago……..(about 2 weeks ago).
I had recently started a new job which meant I had a little bit of extra cash floating about which I was unsure of what to do with (Serious! I normally have plenty of useless shit to squander my money on), So I started looking up about saving/investing my money, now a while back I dabbled in the stock market buying stocks and shares, It ended badly, every company I bought shares in collapsed or went into administration, it was like I had a God given gift to be able to personally destroy the economy just by buying stock in certain companies, 1 in particular went from £4.97 to 2p a share one week after me buying stock in it!!! I was gifted 🙂 .
So the stock market was a no no, and interest rates in savings accounts are utterly shite, that combined with my new found paranoia of the banking system ruled them out, what about a Government sponsored ISA I hear you cry!!! (for the un-initiated or those across the sea’s, the ISA is a British Government backed tax free savings account) The ISA did cross my mind but as you may or may not know I am Irish so therefore I have an inherent highly skeptical and suspicious attitude when it comes to the British Government, especially when they say they are apparently trying to help me! and more so when it involves money!
After much consideration and debate I decided that the ISA was yet another government scheme to control my finances and keep track of my comings and goings, therefore the ISA was knocked on the head!

Somewhere along the line of my paranoid ramblings on the Internet I came across a beautiful word, now I had heard of this word before but had never paid much attention to it, as generally when you hear it an automatic siren goes off in your head saying “Your Out Of Your League Here!” but I was soon to discover I wasn’t and this is just what I needed, That beautiful word was BULLION.

Yes you read correctly, I said Bullion! Gold, Silver, Platinum…..etc Bullion!

Bullion is a mass of metal(usually precious metals), when mined and/or refined these metals are cast into bars or ingots and are processed or sold on from there. Precious metals is what I was after so I started to research about buying bullion in the UK(its actually quite easy and depending on the metal, quite cheap).

The reason I decided bullion would be my investment has a lot to do with not only the state of the financial industry today but also to get back to the old way of life and have an emergency life line, let me explain.

Gold and Silver have been around since the beginning of recorded history(and long before then), they have been used to buy/barter goods and services since that time and will continue to do so indefinitely, if the entire world came to a halt tomorrow and all the governments crashed and burned how would you buy/pay for food, clothes, services..etc?? Cash would be worthless as its only worth the paper its written on, without a government to honor the cash you may as well wipe your arse with it as it is completely useless, Cash is only an I.O.U from the government! Before 1976 if you were to look at any  British note it used to say somewhere “I (the bank of England) PROMISE to pay the bearer on demand the sum of £ in Gold”, Now, I don’t know about you but that word “Promise” scares the poo out of my bum especially when its a bank/government doing the promising!!!! Ordinarily paper money was based on gold, the idea was you would put your gold in the bank and the bank would give you these promissory notes (Cash) to carry around and trade for goods and services (I’m sue it beat carrying around a kilo of gold in your pocket) and if you decided you wanted your gold back you just went into the bank with your note (cash) and got it back, simples! I decided to put this to the test last Thursday I went into HSBC with my fiver and demanded (as it used to say on the note) my equivalent gold back, after an hour of being ridiculed by staff and then the banks manager I spent a further 6hrs in Belgravia police station explaining that I was NOT in-fact mentally unstable but just wanted my gold that was promised by the Bank Of England on my £5 note, after much negotiation and the threat of spending Easter behind bars I gave up my quest to have the BOE honor its promise, Unless you like the idea of being pounced on by 6 armed police officers and being dragged out of you local bank I suggest you do not try this at home.

So bullion it is then, Bullion is something you can hold in your hands, something that has come from the earth, something that honest men did a hard days work to dig out, to extract, to refine and to make not just a printing machine printing paper! Bullion is something you can hold, you can feel the energy from it, its your wealth in your hand and you control it. Banks can always print more money but once all the precious metals are dug up they’re gone! there wont be any more to make. I suggest you get some while you still can.

What I then decided to do was put 20% of my salary each month into precious metals and to diversify as much as possible i.e Gold, Platinum, Silver, Palladium, Copper, Brass, Aluminum etc.. 20% of my salary is not a lot of money (its a lot to me but not a lot when it come to precious metals) so I decided that Silver and Copper would be my main investment and the the odd bit of gold and platinum here and there, the reason being is that gold is very expensive (nearly £800 an oz) and platinum is almost twice as much where Silver is cheaper (£20 oz) and Copper cheaper still, my reckoning is soon Copper and Silver will go through the roof so I am stock piling now, even if it doesn’t hit the roof supplies will eventually run low and price will rise.

Before we get to the where and what to buy I want to give you the heads up about spot pricing, Spot pricing is the current market value of the precious metal that you would see on sites like Kitco or the like, this will not be the price you pay you will pay this plus a percentage as this is for huge amounts of raw material and to get to the finished product theres fees, middle men, agents etc… E.G at the time of writing this Gold is at a spot price of £740.52 per 1 Troy Ounce (31.1grams) but to buy it from a dealer it would cost you £767.87 per ozt, and the price gets higher per gram the smaller the gold you buy, likewise with the other metals but to make matters worse, if or when you sell it the dealer will pay you a price below the current spot price so if you bought the oz for £767 and decided to sell it back to the dealer an hour later he would probably offer you only £720 for it, if even that. So remember when your buying it you should plan to hold on to it for a while but trust me once you hold a pure bullion bar or coin in your hand you will not easily give it up, it is a refreshing, electrifying feeling, it elevates you to the realms of the gods……

***UPDATE*** The date is 16th July 2011, I wrote the above post over a year ago and a lot of things have changed (Gold, Silver & Copper has increased in price) but i finally got around to designing my coin and it is actually selling on ebay as we speak (An Seamroige).

I will be writing a full blog over the next few weeks about the whole process from design to production so stay tuned.


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