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Running Portable Applications From A TrueCrypt Volume

A Portable App (Application) does exactly as it says on the tin, Its an application that is portable, that can run from a usb stick, ipod, mp3 player etc……

You can use them for email, internet, office software , finances etc….

There are quite a few portable apps out there but rules the roost when it comes to complete and total domination of the portable app world!

They have a Portable app suite which contains almost every program you will need with for day to day life all wraped up into one bundle including a launcher which will run from your choice of usb hardware.

“ Suite™ is a complete collection of portable apps including a web browser, email client, office suite, calendar/scheduler, instant messaging client, antivirus, audio player, sudoku game, password manager, PDF reader, minesweeper clone, backup utility and integrated menu, all preconfigured to work portably. Just drop it on your portable device and you’re ready to go.”

“Included Applications ScreenshotAll versions of the Suite include the integrated Menu (pictured at right) and the Backup utility along with a set of custom icons, an autoplay configuration, folders and a quick start shortcut. In addition, the packages include:

This is some Kick ass FREE Software put together perfectly to run on Windows or Linux (via Wine), It is just plug and play, simple!

Download the software, extract it to your usb device and run it.

Its basically a whole operating system running from your usb without any need to reboot! you can add or remove programs as you see fit and with new program becoming available its a one stop shop for all your computing needs.

Some might say what happens if you lose your usb device? well it also contains an integrated back up tool so you can regulary back up to some other media.

Yeah but if I lose my usb device whoever finds it will have access to all my files, correspondence, contacts etc…….

This is where your TrueCrypt Volume comes in!!

If you followed my instructions for creating a TrueCrypt Volume all you have to do is mount your TrueCrypt Volume, extract the Portable app suite software to it and you now have a secure portable usb device that you can run all your programs on.

My personal setup:

As I have access to and use numerous different computers at work and at home I have a 16gb usb flash drive with a 14gb TrueCrypt Volume on it. From this encrypted volume I run Portable Apps to access/retrive my email (Thunderbird), My personal finances (GNUCash), Internet (Firefox) etc….. I also keep all my documents and files on it so I have access to everything I need where ever I go, the 14gb is enough space for me that I dont have to keep any buisness/personal files on any host computer, Everything is kept in that secure 14gb Volume, there is also another hidden 2gb TrueCrypt Volume inside it for my “More Sensitive” material.

When I am finished doing my buisness I unmount all my Volumes and I am left with a totally secure usb device with no trace of me on the host computer.

I hope this has been helpful to someone, This has been a very basic run down if anyone needs more details let me know, Any questions or comments please feel free.


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Secure Portable USB (MoD Take Note!!!!) TrueCrypt

This one go’s out for all those government officials who have a tendency to leave Usb Sticks, Flash drives, laptop’s and other unsecured data lying around in bus’s,trains,brothel’s,public toilets etc..

First things first cd’s and dvd’s are useless and obsolete, get rid of them!!!! (they will only come back to haunt you)

I will be demonstrating how to turn your usb stick/flash drive into a secure device accessible from most computer (Linux, Windows or Mac) using a program called TrueCrypt.

TrueCrypt Is a free program that makes a virtual encrypted disc in a file and mounts it.

I will be demonstrating using a 2gb usb stick you can use whatever size but I would suggest at least 2gb and in future post’s I will show you what can be done with this to secure all your information from unauthorized access for example: I have 2 computers at work: 1 x an entirely encrypted laptop running Ubuntu Linux which contains a 20gb encrypted vault with another hidden 10gb encrypted vault inside that one each with their own completely different 32 character password! (The NSA are after me 🙂 ) and  1 x desktop running Xp which is work related, I have the same setup at home a laptop running Ubuntu and desktop running Xp (I don’t use windows unless no other system is available), besides these I have access to about 6 other PC’s that I may/do use from time to time, as I don’t know where ill be when the need arises to use a pc send or receive an email (as I will not use a Crap-berry) access a file, check on my finances or just look at porn, I carry my 16gb usb stick in my pocket, I insert it into any computer unlock my Vault (which we will be making today) and access my file’s or check my emails with the programs i have running off my stick then I close it down and move on with no traces on the computer of my actions 🙂

For now I will concentrate on securing your usbstick:

This will be demonstrated on windows but for linux it is pretty much the same.

1 ) Download TrueCrypt for Vista/Xp/2000, you will have to run the progam twice. first time extract the contents to a folder called TrueCrypt on your desktop

Extract Wizard

Extract Wizard

and second time install the program.

2 ) If there is a chance you will be using a Linux or Mac download the deb,rpm,source and Mac OS files and add them to your TrueCrypt folder and keep to one side for later.

3 ) Once you run TrueCrypt you will see the main screen, Here you can mount/dismount and create your vault, you can also adjust your settings from here too.

TrueCrypt Main Screen

TrueCrypt Main Screen

4 ) Click the “Create Volume” button and it will start the “Volume Creation Wizard” the wizard gives you three different choices and explanations, we will be choosing the first choice “Create Encrypted File Container” The reason being that we want our USB portable and accessible from any computer without having to install any programs on to the host computer meaning you can use internet cafe’s or computers which you do not have administrative privileges to.

5 ) Click “Next” to choose the Volume Type, once again we are going for the first choice “Standard TrueCrypt Volume”. (we will discuss the Hidden Volume in another post)

6 ) Click “Next”, Now we choose where your going to save the Volume/Vault, just choose a name (e.g TestVault) and save to your desktop.

7 ) Click “Next”, Encryption Options: Now I dont know much about different types of encryption so I just leave this as is and click “Next” (If you know anything about encryption feel free to arse around here).

8 ) Choose your Volume size, If your using a 2gb stick choose 1500mb if not choose what you feel is right but leave 500mb on the usb stick so you can add files later (please remember you will be saving the Volume to your desktop first before its copied onto your usb stick).

9 ) Enter your password and confirm, all I will say about this is make sure its a decent length and make sure you will remember it. NB: If you forget your password you will lose your data! its as simple as that, there is no way to recover your data so do not forget you password.

10 ) Volume Format: leave the option’s as is, follow instructions and format your volume.

11 ) Once your volume is created click exit.

Now copy your newly encrypted volume onto your usb stick and then copy your TrueCrypt folder (that you set aside earlier) on to it.


Now to access your Volume/Vault simply plug your usb in to any host computer and run TrueCrypt.exe form within the Truecrypt folder on your usb.

This runs TrueCrypt from the usb so nothing will need to be installed on the hoast computer, Mount your Volume/Vault then you can access it like its an extra disc on your computer.

Any question comments feel free.

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